Mike Staniforth’s sometimes moving short documentary film about just a handful of my town’s homeless people.


“If women want equality, then they can hold their own damn door open,” – Unknown

He (I assume) has a point. Either you want to be treated like a lady or you don’t. If you are not an inferior element of the human race (don’t get all shirty, no one is suggesting you are) then why get special treatment? Now go and buy me some flowers, bitch.

“If women want …


Little Victories & Small Clouds

I get up at six every morning in order to be at my desk by eight. On Sunday, however, I get a reprieve. No work, no school drop off etc. I am free to lie on the lounge floor for pretty much as long as I like, assuming I’m not accosted by excitable children, keen on starting the last day of their weekend unfeasibly early. Typical then that the cat I considered briefly last night with regard to throwing out, yet still didn’t, was mewing at just the pitch and volume to wake me up and keep me awake. How do they do that? So I got up at just past six am anyway. It may be sunday, but apparently this week, there is no relief. I shouldn’t be surprised, really.

I bunked off work early yesterday and predictably enough didn’t spend this time with my wife or in the bookies or the pub or even the local lapdancing club. I’m not that exciting. Remember the post about me earlier? Average, a modest consumer of alcohol, not much of a gambler etc…


So I went to support my local independent cinema (as you do) by paying to see a couple of movies at what is nearly half the price of the normal multiplex. First, and only released the day before to us yokels in the UK was ‘The Place Beyond The Pines‘. and then ‘Dans La Maison’, starring every sane thinking mans’ crumpet, the multi-lingual Kristin Scott-Thomas. Both were entertaining enough for me not to tear to shreds, so this was a surprising cultural plus for a saturday that is normally littered with nothing more satisfying than the corpses of recently abused customers and Match of the Day. I may have been forced awake at six this morning, but you know, it could still have been much worse.


This song, from children’s favourite ‘The Wizard of Oz’, is going to arrive in the UK Top Forty at number three (probably) this sunday evening. The BBC, in their wisdom, have suggested that they will refuse to play the song, but instead will feature it in the story about people buying the song online, as if to represent their feelings about the recent passing of ex-PM Margaret Thatcher.

Is it right that this publicly funded media organisation be allowed to dictate the airwaves in such a fashion? It may be morally unscrupulous to buy the song for the purposes of dissent and/or opinion but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable for the BBC to ignore the public mood. At least, enough of the public to make it to number three in the popular music countdown.

So you can watch and listen here instead. This is in no way representative of my feelings towards Margaret Thatcher. I am indifferent to her, truth be told. But you have the right to hear the song that the masses have paid to hear, should you choose to, even if the BBC don’t think you should.

More syllables please.

Alright, syllables aren’t important, just a bigger name would have done. Welcome to Leeds. Now do your job. Whilst you’re at it, have a bit of a run around, would you? You look like a recently plucked corn-fed turkey, just ready for basting.

More syllables please.