Denoument is everything, but only if it’s poor

Sat through the entire first ‘Season’ of ‘Broadchurch’ yesterday on the first of two days off work. Sixty percent of my family had already seen it, with only myself and my fourteen (alright, nearly fifteen) year-old-son not having had a look since it started. My plan was to Sky+ the entire thing and then do exactly what I have done. Back to back with Tennant and Colman. It was very entertaining, even gripping at times. Personally, I felt the final episode, which was aired only a few days ago in the UK, was a bit of a letdown. I didn’t think the whodunnit conclusion was very satisfying and the reason for the little chaps’ demise, somewhat insubstantial. Still, can’t have everything. I did get to 2am, as the final episode started with the reveal, and asked myself, “really? is that it?” I waited for the twist, but one didn’t come.I was sure there was going to be one. I was wrong. In all, a strong drama with a weak, feeble and unconvincing finish. Very strong performances by the acting talent as usual,  but it could have been anyone by the end and the reason for the murder could easily have been equally true for any of the suspects. Not as clever as it wanted to be, although the previous episodes showed great promise.



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