Boston Explosions & Media Blanket

You cannot have failed to pick up on the story that is causing widespread consternation. Yesterday  a couple of explosions were witnessed in Boston, situated at the finish line of the annual marathon event that is held there. The bombs (if that is in fact what they prove to be) were allegedly set to detonate at fours hours into the race, a time when most people would have been finishing, subsequently causing the most pain and suffering possible. As usual, the media leapt at the chance to tell us all about it, like all bad news. In the UK, BBC News 24 covered the story almost exclusively for at least three or four hours, keeping me from my date with the sandman, and it’s still headline grabbing here the following day.


The phrase that the BBC picked up on from the reports coming from the site from the FBI was ‘potential terrorist inquiry’, which is a dangerous thing to bandy about without proper justification. Even if this was stated by the FBI, shouldn’t media channels have the responsibility to avoid a conflagration of what may turn out to be nothing more than a careless gas leak and someone who really wanted a cigarette. It continues to highlight the insistence by global corporate media, beholden to tyrannical owners, to scaremonger and potentially (as there is currently no evidence that this is the case, or any one terrorist person or terrorist group is claiming responsibility) delude its audience into believing there is a threat to them and their loved ones, anywhere and all the time. This blanket and blinkered accusation is the first excuse when bombs go off, or suspicious behaviour is carried out by anyone without (and even some with) a white face or recognisably western surname. If this had been a couple of gas explosions, do you really believe that Obama’s advisors wouldn’t at least dwell on the possibility of calling it something else, in order to create further divide?

Luke Skywalker was a terrorist. It really just depends who you are and what angle you’re looking at events. The old adage that ‘one mans’ terrorist is another mans’ freedom fighter’ is as true as it ever was and as in all things, there is at least two points of view to consider. This is what makes me doubt my news providers. This is what makes me go and look at lots of news services  to get the real story, something impartial and unabridged. The track record of our media in the UK is not exactly above reproach, and I would challenge them to, in their heart of hearts, convince me otherwise.

Forgotten to a greater extent are the deaths of the people that this caused. In an effort to bring the shock and horror to our screens, the deaths of the victims becomes little more than a pawn of numbers to beat you into submission with. Whilst it is undeniably tragic that lives were lost in this incident, and if we are being as truly morbid as your news provider would hope you are, then wouldn’t any ‘terrorist’ worth their onions be disappointed by such a result? The threats, this peril in our midst, apparently warrants hours of endless news coverage and political debate, yet only manages to be smart enough to kill three people? Are we buying into this? Really?


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