No joke.

“So, does he have one or not?”Image

There is nodding. “Yeah, I kinda think he does. That’s what the suit from the DIA said.”

“No way! No. (pause) Really?”

“Welllll,” he replied, looking a little sheepish, staring at his feet, “that’s what they said.”

There is nodding. Three of them, all in suits. One of them, DIA, is failing  to hide a joke handgun behind his back that shoots out a flag on a stick with ‘BANG’ written on it in a cartoon font. “It would be easier if everyone at least thought he could nuke us.”

DIA suit with the BANGgun silently protests his innocence, looking at the toy in his hand. “What!? It’s a joke! Okay?”

“You’re fucking telling me. If he so much as takes a dump with his rear end facing Guam, payload the motherfucker. We need another lovely, distant, foreign war. Think of the defense budget.” He pulls up his trousers and gets up from the toilet. “Let’s see how much South Korea likes being a new island paradise, shall we?”

More nodding.


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