This song, from children’s favourite ‘The Wizard of Oz’, is going to arrive in the UK Top Forty at number three (probably) this sunday evening. The BBC, in their wisdom, have suggested that they will refuse to play the song, but instead will feature it in the story about people buying the song online, as if to represent their feelings about the recent passing of ex-PM Margaret Thatcher.

Is it right that this publicly funded media organisation be allowed to dictate the airwaves in such a fashion? It may be morally unscrupulous to buy the song for the purposes of dissent and/or opinion but that doesn’t make it any more acceptable for the BBC to ignore the public mood. At least, enough of the public to make it to number three in the popular music countdown.

So you can watch and listen here instead. This is in no way representative of my feelings towards Margaret Thatcher. I am indifferent to her, truth be told. But you have the right to hear the song that the masses have paid to hear, should you choose to, even if the BBC don’t think you should.


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