Margaret Thatcher

You sumargaret-thatcher-redorely can’t have missed the fact that ex-Prime Minister and enemy of small children bereft of milk passed away after suffering a stroke today. This Tory icon has received rave obituaries today despite being largely lambasted for most of her life by those people that lovingly gushed (stop it) over her this afternoon. She was a ‘double-ard barstard’ in a tweed two piece and brooch, when all said and done. Even if you didn’t like her, you couldn’t really deny the fact that she changed Britain, if not to everyone’s satisfaction. Not many politicians will ever demand and deserve quite as much respect whilst in office. “Don’t fuck with England, you dirty Argie scum!”, was believed to be one of her favourite quips*, often uttered as she beat her husband violently about the head and shoulders with the butt of one of son Mark’s favourite handguns.

*This may not, in fact, be true.


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